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The right treatment

Whatever your issue, from bunions to athlete's foot, we tailor each treatment plan to your individual needs ensuring that you are fully informed and get targeted treatment.

The right service

Just finding the right treatment is not enough, you need to feel comfortable and relaxed and know that you are in the very best hands. With expert, professional and friendly service as standard, you'll know you're in the right place with us.

For everything from routine footcare to painful bunions:

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The right chiropody practice

The right chiropody practice is the one that surpasses your expectations, the one that offers orthotics along with nail surgery and verrucae treatment - the right practice is us.

Relieving bunion pain


Identifying bunions

Bunions are lumps that form on the joint of your big toe. Bunions are associated with persistent pain and reduced mobility of the big toe, but also redness, swelling and tenderness.


Bunions can make it extremely painful to walk if not treated effectively. At Drayton Podiatry & Chiropody Practice, we assess, diagnose and treat bunions in an attempt to improve your comfort and mobility.


Choosing sensible shoes can make a huge difference when it comes to bunions, and many people wear the wrong size of shoe simply because they haven't been measured in a long time! You'd be surprised just how much you can protect yourself from foot irritations simply by buying the correct shoe size.


As with any foot issue, it is important to seek professional advice rather than administer home remedies - do not attempt to remove bunions yourself! If there's something wrong with your feet, contact us today.

Check your feet regularly

One of the main things to remember about personal foot care is to check your feet on a daily basis. By doing so, you could spot sores, swelling or redness which could be precursors to a more serious issue. If you believe there is a problem with your feet, then don't be afraid to contact us!