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Treating a range of nail issues

We treat and offer advice on a range of nail issues including; damaged toenails, fungal nails, thickened toenails, involuted toenails and ingrowing toenails.

Giving you the very best nail surgery

It depends on the severity of your condition. For the most basic painful and irritating ingrowing toenail, your podiatrist will remove the offending spike of nail and cover with an antiseptic dressing.


If your toe is too painful to touch, your podiatrist may inject a local anaesthetic before removing the offending portion of nail.


If you have involuted nails, your podiatrist may remove the piece that is curling into the flesh and file the edges of the nail to a smooth surface.

For complete foot health

Not just for toenail cutting and nail surgery, we offer expert foot treatments to relieve foot pain, which include treatment of verrucae, bunions, calluses and corns, as well as specialised biomechanical treatments.

Toenail treatments


Enjoy expert advice, and professional toenail treatments:

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Look after your toenails

Often neglected, but your toenails need your attention and care. It's important to ensure that you cut them regularly and correctly to avoid any potential problems.


It's important to ensure that you nail clippers are clean and sharp - using a blunt pair may result in you pulling at the nail and damage to your cuticles in the process.


When trimming your toenail, it's important to cut straight across rather than with the curve of your toe. Cutting to the curve can result in abnormal growth and could make your toes more susceptible to infection.


If you have diabetes or poor circulation, then we strongly advise you to refer to your podiatrist for nail care. Please contact us for more information.


We have provision for disabled and special needs patients and have easy parking and access to the surgery.