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Remove that verrucae

The stress of verrucae can cause untold misery, not only are they unsightly but they inhibit your ability to bare your feet. Don't tolerate the misery of verrucae anymore, visit us for your safe and effective verrucae treatments.

Feet that look fantastic

With far more than verrucae treatment on offer, you can wave goodbye to unsightly and painful feet. Why not ask about callus treatments or finally seek relief from the discomfort of bunions or corns. Most private healthcare insurance accepted.

Complete convenience for you

Not only do we offer easy parking and access for patients but we also accept private healthcare insurance, all to make your visit to us that little bit simpler, so why not book today.

Simple and effective treatment


For safe and effective verrucae treatment call:

01603 519 401

Identifying verrucae

Verrucae are a type of wart found on the sole of the foot and may clear in time without treatment.


Verrucae often have a flatter appearance than regular warts as they are trodden down.


Whilst often they can subside in time, verrucae can be cleared more quickly by using the skills of your podiatrist.


Verrucae are very common and it is estimated that around 10% of people at any one time in the UK has one.

Expert diagnosis & treatment

At Drayton Podiatry & Chiropody Practice, we take your feet seriously and ensure that you have expert assessment and treatment. To speak to one of our team, please contact us today.

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